Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gotta love technical difficulties!

So, aside from admittedly not keeping up with these on a regular basis, my good friend Murphy has had his hand in it as well.  It seems an update or two on my audioboo app for my phone unlinked my account, and I may have lost my last audioboo.  No worries, I'll just make more since it seems to be fixed now, yay!

Just as a quick update... This past weekend I auditioned for the Atlanta Ballet!  It was a bit intimidating, but totally awesome!  I have way too much to say about it here, so I'll have to just talk about it... darn! 

Other than that, I'm still taking my classes both with Atlanta Ballet, and MBT when I can.  I really wish I could dance more.

That's the latest here, have a great day!